The Felco 2 pruner is a true classic. This is one of the most popular bypass pruners in the world, with both amateur and professional gardeners swearing by it for decades. With Felco pruners, you know you're getting a truly great piece of gardening equipment, and that's why the F2 continues to be such a great-seller.

But is it possible to improve upon a tool that's become a legend?


The F11 - The New Standard in Felco Pruners

The "New Generation" Felco 11 is available, and while it's similar to the F2 in most regards, it contains one very key difference that makes it even better than the model it's based on. Unlike the F2, the F11 uses screws to hold its blade in place, rather than rivets.

It may seem like a small thing, but it's the small things that count. One of the biggest reasons Felco is so respected around the world is the long lives of their products. They can last for decades with minimal maintenance, and are designed for easy parts replacement. However, with the F2, changing the blade could be a bit tricky.

With the F11, swapping out the blade is simple! Unscrew the screws holding it in place, and it pops right off. Should the blade wear out, replacing it only takes a minute or two.

Beyond that, Felco knew not to mess with success. The F11 is practically identical to the F2 in virtually every other way.

The hardened steel blade is still perfect for cutting through objects up to 1" across. The lightweight aluminum of the body can still stand up to plenty of use. The grip plastic handles with shock absorbers are still just as comfortable to use as ever, requiring minimal extra work to make the right cut every time.

You still get those details Felco pruners are legendary for as well: The F11 includes the sap groove, to keep its mechanisms clear. It still has the wire-cutting notch in the back of the blade, to reduce damage to the main blade whenever cutting wire.

The F11 truly has everything that made the F2 great, plus just a little more.

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