For decades, Swiss-made Felco products have been favorites among gardeners of all ages and levels of experience. Thanks to Felco’s excellent build quality and ease of maintenance, a Felco lopper can easily last for years, or even decades. Many swear by the brand, specifically because of its amazing long-term value.

However, with so many Felco Loppers to choose from, it's sometimes hard for people to know which is best to invest in. A Felco can last a lifetime, but that doesn't help if it's not the right Felco for you.

The Pruner Warehouse has prepared a quick guide to help you choose!

The Pruner Warehouse Presents:  Three Steps to Picking the Perfect Felco Lopper


Felco loppers are made of aluminum to keep the weight down while maintaining strength, but they are still long tools intended for two-handed use - and often with your arms raised over your head. More than anything else, it's important to pick a weight you'll be comfortable using.

The lightest Felco is the F200A-40, at about 1.5 pounds. The heaviest is the massive F22, made of hardened aluminum, which is 4.3 pounds. The rest fall in-between.

Cutting Capacity

The next consideration is simple:  What are you going to need to cut. Different loppers have different sized blades, capable of a range of pruning from simple shrubs up to small branches. Felco loppers have cutting capacities between 1-2 inches.

Most use a standard cutting size of 1.4" which is sufficient for most everyday use. They can go as large as 1.8". That might not sound like much of a difference, but the larger models can handle a significantly larger range of uses.


Finally, think about how long you need your Felco to be. The longer it is, the further away cutting can happen, but the more unwieldy the lopper will be.  The F22 is nearly three feet long, and can eliminate the need for a ladder or stool in many cases, if one can use it properly.

On the other hand, shorter models allow for easier and more precise work. Even the shortest lopper is still over a foot long, and adds significantly to your reach.

The Pruner Warehouse: Tools You Can Trust 

That's it!  Answer those three questions, and you'll know exactly which Felco lopper is right for you. But, of course, if you have any other questions, just ask!