At The Pruner Warehouse, we want to sell you the best possible pruning tools at the best possible prices. We carry major brands sold all overthe world, such as Felco and Florian, which are renowned for their build quality and long lifespans.

However, all good pruning tools will still need proper maintenance. That maintenance is what makes the difference between a tool that wears out in a few years, and one which lasts for decades. We want you to be as satisfied as possible with your purchase, so we've expanded our page on tool maintenance significantly!

Learn to Maintain Your Pruning Tools with The Pros

We've added a selection of videos covering pruners and loppers that show you exactly how to take care of these tools. Many of the videos are currently specific to Felco, but most can be applied to any major brand of repairable pruning tool.

Here are just a few of the things you can learn:


No garden tool is self-cleaning, sadly, and good maintenance means cleaning them after every major usage. In under a minute, we'll show you the best cleaning techniques to quickly and thoroughly clean the blade and ensure a long useful life.


Pruning tools also need to be oiled regularly. Again, this should happen after every use. Besides keeping everything moving smoothly, the oil also protects your tools against rust and other corrosive effects. Our video will show you the best places to apply oil, and how to reduce how much you use.


There's a real art to sharpening a blade! Our video demonstrates the proper angle and hand motion you should use to get an optimal cut quality from your pruner or lopper every time. A good blade is sharpened every day or two, and we make it easy.


While it's not something you should have to do too often, sometimes it's necessary to break down a garden tool. Our videos will show you the right way to dismantle it safely, and then put it back together again. It's perfect for times you need to replace a part.

For Low Prices, Choose The Pruner Warehouse

Our low price guarantee makes buying from The Pruner Warehouse a safe investment.  Combine that with the easy tips in our new maintenance video selection, and you'll have gardening tools for life. Contact us today for more information!